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Put our expertise to work and reach the full potential of your business growth.

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Solutions that solve your needs in skilled workforce.
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Analysis of recruitment needs

The first step is to gather as much information as possible about your company and your recruitment needs. We need to know you well in order to develop an international recruitment strategy that meets your expectations. This step is very important because it is necessary to first identify your real needs in order to develop a personalized recruitment plan based on your reality. In addition, we will determine your objectives and set the timeline for the entire process. Your recruitment mandate will be 100% supported.

Selection and hiring of candidates

Selection is the process of reviewing candidates’ files in order to hire the person who best meets your needs. This first step in international recruitment can be difficult without the help of an experienced partner. Knowing how to attract the right candidates is an art in itself. Our candidate database is at your disposal to allow you to contact pre-selected workers, which will facilitate the achievement of your hiring objectives.

Obtaining temporary work permits

In order to work legally, a foreign worker must have legal status under Canadian law. We are able to offer you a customized service leading to the issuance of work permits, permanent residence status and Canadian citizenship.  We will ensure the coordination of the various steps as well as communications between the various levels of government.

Integration of candidates into the company and the community

We are able to provide the right tools and procedures to the employer and also to the worker, in order to promote his integration both at work and in the community. Successful integration will ensure the long-term retention of foreign workers and give you a good reputation abroad. Thus, the respectability and seriousness of your company will always precede you, even outside our borders.

Follow-up with employee and employer

In order to ensure a high success rate for this new association between the worker and the employer, we remain vigilant and available to answer their questions. We must therefore think about the steps to be taken next, both in terms of renewing the work permit and obtaining permanent residency. Our experience and know-how remain at your disposal and our interventions aim only to make international recruitment an experience that is as simple and pleasant as possible for everyone.


In order to meet a growing demand, due to a shortage of skilled labor, we are in a position to assist you with all your international recruitment initiatives.

Indeed, we currently have quite a few foreign workers available, and this for various trades. These previously selected workers successfully went through their first interview. Note, that you will also have the opportunity to assess their potential.

Moreover, we can meet the particular needs of your company by offering you an entirely customized and exhaustive service. In addition, our competitive prices will pleasantly surprise you.

In addition, we offer guidance at all stages ensuring appropriate procedures and special requirements of distinct countries are applied. Thus, as you can see, we have a straightforward and quick approach, which allows you to pursue the expansion of your company without further delay.

Our services include the selection and employment of suitable candidates, the issuance of work permits and the integration of workers.



A turnkey solution

Our team of recruiters supports the entire process of recruitment, the selection of candidates for its reception, not to mention the importance we attach to integration into their new environment. A unique concept.